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Film Academy

2 Weeks (Mon-Fri)

10 modules (view curriculum)

from £10,000 ex VAT



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Through his experience teaching on BA and MA film courses, Ollie came to realise that traditional instruction methods in higher education were outdated, and increasingly not worth the cost. Ollie created this 2-week film academy with the firm belief that teaching technical and craft skills in short, thorough masterclasses, followed up by close mentoring, produces better results than traditional BAs and MAs. We feel there is too much time and too much money wasted on conventional routes in to our industry and intend to lead the way in shaping future film education around the globe.


Camera Operation Basics

AM - Aperture, Shutter Speed, Sensitivity, Depth of Field, Motion Blur, Noise/Grain, Basic Filtration, White Balance, Zebras, Focus Assistance.

PM - Tripod Setup, Initialising Media, Composition, Framing.


Sound Recording & Editing

AM - Physics of Sound, Levels, Studio (VO/ADR), Location Recording, Dialogue, Wildtracks, Boom, Lens, Buzz Tracks, Wild-Tracks, Sound Recorders, Types of Microphones, Boom Poles, Sound Bags, Positioning Lavaliere Mics, Wireless TX/RX Kit, Timecode Jamming, Fold Back, Monitoring.

PM - Dialogue, Music, Effects, Foley, Sound Fix, Smoothing, Buzz Tracks, Believability, DAWs, Workflow, Assembly, AAF, OMF, Library, Picture Types, Pro Tools Basics, Dialogue First, Utterances, Breaths, Trimming, Fading, Nudging, Slip, Clip Gain.


Lighting Masterclass

AM - Soft Light, Cool Lights, Lighting People, Shaping Light, Cutting Light.

PM - Hard light, Natural Light, Hot Lights, Lighting Sets, Bouncing Light, Diffusing Light.


Advanced Camera Techniques / Shooting Exercises

AM - Coverage, 180 Degree Rule, Dutch Angle, Pan, Tilt, Jib, Slide, Dolly, Steadycam, Mōvi, Mise En Scène, High Frame Rates, Low Frame Rates.

PM - Participants will create a short film that uses dynamic, in-camera techniques, to support a narrative of their choosing.



AM - Participants will give and receive critiques of their own work.

PM - Participants will each present and break down a scene from their favourite film.


Pre-Production Masterclass

AM - Responding to Briefs, Storyboarding, Script Development, Interview Questions, Recce Skills, Shot Lists, Kit Lists, Lighting Plans

PM - Risk Assessments, Permits, Problem Solving, Delegation, Crewing, Call Sheets, Budgeting



AM - Interface, Workspaces, Importing Media, Scrubbing, Playback, Marking, Tagging, Subclipping, Favouriting, Logging, Overwrite, Insert, Append, Connect, Replace, Swapping, Nudging, Patch Panel, Drag & Drop, Projects, Sequences, Razor, Blade, Radio Edits, Ripple Trimming, Basic Cutaways, Audio Keyframes, Exporting.

PM - Visual Anchor Frames, Roll Edits, Slip Edits, Slide Edits, Motion Blur Cues, Audio Anchor Frames, Split Edits, J & L Cuts, 3-Point Editing.


Codecs & Compression Basics

AM - Codecs, Data Rates, Transcoding, Chroma Subsampling.

PM - Temporal Compression, Spatial Compression, Resolution, Bit Depth.


Colour Grading Masterclass

AM - Colour Calibration, Colour Temperature, Colour Management, Colour Theory, Human Visual System, Colour Encoding, Signal Compression

PM - Grading Suite Setup, Scopes, Gamma, Gamut, SDR vs HDR, Colour Correction, Colour Depth, Colour Composition, Colour Psychology.


Professional Practice Masterclass

AM - Self Employment, Tax, VAT, LTD, Accounting, Insurance, Permits, T&Cs


PM - Networking, Sales, Marketing, Branding, Web, Social Media

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