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The Definitive Guide to DaVinci Resolve

9h 30m

16 modules (view curriculum)



Available live, online or in person​.



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The Definitive Guide to DaVinci Resolve is Blackmagic Designʼs official training course for people wanting to get a basic overview of the editing, motion graphics, color correction and audio tools in DaVinci Resolve. Presented over more than eight hours, Ollie Kenchington, a Blackmagic Design Certified Trainer, guides you through the fundamentals of this incredibly powerful program which prepares you for Blackmagic Design's own certification exam. The course also includes a bonus module that takes you through the additions to Davinci Resolve 16.


Before we start to deep dive into DaVinci Resolve, in this introductory module Ollie uses the project of a one-minute short movie to get you comfortable with many of the concepts that will be taught throughout the course.


Organizing a New Project

Having taken a quick overview of creating a movie in DaVinci Resolve in the opening module, Ollie starts to explain the software in much more depth. In this lesson we look at creating and setting up a project, before going through the Media Pool and how to import, manage and sort clips to help with workflow.


Assembling a Rough Cut

Moving on to the Edit page, Ollie shows us how to assemble a timeline, scrub through clips and create basic edits to assemble a rough cut.


Moving Clips in the Timeline

Building on the fundamentals of the prior lesson, here we explore how easily DaVinci Resolve allows us to make more powerful edits.


Refining a Timeline

In this lesson Ollie introduces us to various trimming techniques in DaVinci Resolve to help us refine the project edit.


Applying Transitions and Effects

Now that you're familiar with editing in DaVinci Resolve, Ollie introduces us to transitions including fades, dissolves and more advanced filter effects.


Working with Audio on the Edit Page

While DaVinci Resolve features a completely integrated Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with Fairlight, it's also important to be able to manage basic audio parameters from within the Edit page, which is what Ollie walks us through in this lesson.


Mixing Sound in Fairlight

Unlike most other NLE programs, DaVinci Resolve features a complete DAW inside the application with Fairlight, meaning you never have to leave Resolve to access incredibly powerful audio mixing and processing techniques. In this module Ollie steps through the Fairlight interface as well as fundamental operations and advanced techniques to help you get fantastic audio on any project.


Creating Graphics and Effects in Fusion

In addition to a fully fledged audio workstation with Fairlight, DaVinci Resolve also includes a complete motion graphics, VFX and compositing application in the Fusion page. Here Ollie introduces us to working with Fusion, and shows us how to perform basic composites, motion titles and a complete green screen key with tracking.


Quickstart: Color Correction

Moving on to the Color page, in this lesson Ollie introduces us to the very basics of color correction in DaVinci Resolve.


Performing Primary Color Corrections

Now that we have a basic understanding of the Color page within Resolve, Ollie dives a little deeper to show how to make primary corrections to the sample project.


Making Secondary Adjustments

Following the primary adjustments of the previous lesson it's now time to look at secondary corrections. Here Ollie looks at Resolve's powerful targeting tools including qualifiers and power windows to help target areas within the frame.


Designing Creative Looks

In the final color module of the course Ollie reviews how to create creative looks in DaVinci Resolve, including working with LUTs.


Delivering a Final Program

Now that we have the skills necessary to create amazing projects in DaVinci Resolve we move to the Delivery page where Ollie shows us how to export and queue projects for web, broadcast and more.


In the final lesson in the course Ollie covers management of the DaVinci Resolve database and how to backup and administer your installation and media files.


Bonus Module - Davinci Resolve 16 (beta)

While Resolve 16 doesn't change any of the elements of the course, in this bonus module Ollie breaks down the new features of Resolve 16's public beta including the new "Cut" page.

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